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Diversity2unity book

From Diversity to Unity: A journey to an ideology of humanism, by Thaer Elrefai, M.D.

There are two intertwined stories in this book. First, is the story of how a Palestinian refugee in a camp in Lebanon grew up through many wars, and with hard work, luck and persistence achieved his current position as a family physician in Canada. The book is also his philosophical journey through the suffering that he endured, and those around him, to a realization of the need for basic human unity. This book is his thoughts on the origins of war, disadvantage, suffering, poverty, and conflicts. The author reminds us that newborns have no religion. Dr. Elrefai goes further and provides a prescription for people all around the world to end what divides people, to end what he calls “groupings”, whether by ethnicity, religion, nationality, or other artificial “diversities.” This is a provocative call for logical, scientific thinking about the future of humanity, and for a radical change of path.

About the author:

Thaer Elrefai, M.D.

Dr. Thaer Elrefai was born in a Palestinian refugee camp in southern Lebanon. Through hard work he got on the honour list in high school and thus got one of the last Soviet Union scholarships. His medical schooling traversed the turbulent times of “perestroika” – the dissolution of the Soviet Union and economic and political restructuring. Returning to Lebanon, he was denied medical jobs by discriminatory rules, but luckily got a visa to the United States, then moved to Canada. He delivered pizza and the Toronto Star, while studying to get Canadian accreditation. He is now a practicing physician in Canada with a deep commitment to peace and humanity.
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Quality Paperback, 6×9” 114 pg, Publication date: November 2012, ISBN 978-0-8970-196-1: $19.95

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